Our priorities

Our priorities

Our vision for East Surrey is a healthy, happy, and equitable place, where people are supported to be independent, live well and stay well.

We believe in the power of partnership where organisations work together to create positive health outcomes for local communities. We place great importance in engaging with residents, hearing what they have to say and listening to their experiences, and this helps develop our priorities and improve our services.

What does this mean for local residents?

Our six key priorities for the people of East Surrey are:

  1. Making sure that access to our Urgent and Emergency Care services – such as in an emergency – is simpler and working to get patients discharged quicker after a hospital stay
  2. Enabling residents with Long Term Conditions to live as fulfilled a life as possible
  3. Working together to improve care for older people – Ageing Well
  4. Helping people to stay well by working together to prevent illnesses and creating conditions to enable everyone in East Surrey to improve their own health and wellbeing – Prevention and Communities
  5. Making sure that people can access to mental health services if they need to – Primary and Community Mental Health
  6. Bringing together Children and Young People's Services from across the Place to facilitate more joined-up, holistic experiences for children, young people and families. 

Ageing well

Anticipatory Care Hubs

How healthcare professionals in East Surrey are working together to keep older people well at home and reduce unplanned hospital admissions.

Prevention and Communities

Growing Health Together

How the Growing Health Together programme is bringing together health, social care, housing, police, voluntary and community, and district and borough partners to co-create conditions to enable everyone in East Surrey to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Prevention and Communities

Prevention and Communities

One year on, 2022/23

The local system is under growing pressure. East Surrey Place is working with district and boroughs, local partner organisations, general practices, voluntary sector organisations, communities, and residents to find ways to transform and make the system sustainable for the future.

The Prevention and Communities priority is a key part of the answer, by shifting the investment more into prevention given that a huge burden of ill health is avoidable (Hewitt review report). This can only be done through a system wide approach which focuses on a radical upgrade on prevention working in collaboration with partner organisations, moving away for operating with siloed budgets and recognising the role of the community and residents into system change.

The focus of this report is to review key health creation and preventative initiatives that have supported local outcomes. In addition, this review provides robust evidence of effectiveness at a local level followed with some economic modelling examples via the Growing Health Together programme and examples across the country.

Prevention and Communities in East Surrey One Year On Report 2022-23 [pdf] 1MB

Prevention and Communities in East Surrey One Year On Report 2022-23 plain text [docx] 2MB